Chapter 1 (For non- fiction)Edit

Now yesterday, April 7, 2010, 13:04, April 7, 2010 (UTC) found Mouse and Ashley in their basment with beanie babys, Wonton, Amber, and others. We will now do the last story.

The real "Chapter 1" in fictionEdit

Now, Ashley and Mouse have returned to get revenge on Snip, so today in daycare their was a subsitute that was not aloud to yell and when Ashley and Mouse tryed to destroy Mr. Cuddles (Mow Cows), Snip's favorite toy. But, when the subsitute saw it, she yelled. It was time for firing!!!!!!

Chapter 2 titled, Alot of SnipnessEdit

Now Snip works at the dog movies and she was forced to do the sequel to Alot of Sniprror called, Alot of Snipness. making fun of somekind of movie called, Alot of Madness and Alot of Sniprror was making fun of somekind of movie called, Alot of Horror.

Mouse enjoyed it but Snip cryed. Now Ashley has gotten revenge and she was trying to destroy Mr. Cuddles, but everytime... she fails.

The end!