A Beanie Baby is a cute fuzzy fun little toy made from Ty. It is absolutely adorable. Also it can be played with, or collected. You will love it! Also, be on the lookout for 2.0's, and Boos!

There is a Variety of different species of Beanie Babies from dogs to cats to bears (most common) to all types. Beanie Babies have certain patterns, tattoos, buttons, bow ties, and more. Some Beanie Babies have an extra something to them like for example "Books" the Beanie Baby, he has a blue or red Book bag(it depends witch one you by). Some have soft scarves like "Quivers". Some have Bow ties like "Creamy". Some have collars like "Sugar-Pie". Try to look out for ...COUNTERFIT BEANIE BABIES!!!! These beanie babies are NOT real Beanie Babies. Look for Rips, bad sewing, or tears because these are not real. Also When you are out the next time look for the retired ones. These Beanie Babies are older and worth more. Save Retired ones because once they are gone they are gone. If you don't know if one is retired and valuable bye a beanie baby manual or check online. Take good care of your beanie babies. Use warm water and soap when washing. NEVER put them in the washer nor the dryer or else no beanie baby anymore. Make sure when you bye a beanie baby take it home. Then name he/she. Make it unique or simple. Finally when you pick a name play with he/she and love that beanie baby forever.