General Info Edit

Birthday: N/A

Style Number: 40629

Introduced: 4/30/2007

Retired: No, still available where Beanie Babies are sold.

Swing Tag Generation: 15

Tushtag Generation: 13

Garfield Perfectly Lovable's Poem Edit

Note: This Beanie doesn't really have a poem, but really a saying.

Garfieldlovable tag

This Beanie's Swing Tag

Perfectly Lovable!

Other Info Edit

This Beanie is one of the different Beanies that TY made that are based on real things, like Dora, Garfield, etc.

Appearance Edit

This Beanie Baby is larger than most, with the cartoon Garfield design with shades that can be moved. The shirt that it is wearing is white with blue sleeves that says "Perfection is hard to improve" in black text.