General Info Edit

Birthday: 5/30/1996

Style Number: 4101

Intoduced: 6/15/1996

Retired: 5/1/1998

Swing Tag Generation: 4,5

Tushtag Generation: 3,4,5,6

Rover's Poem Edit

This dog is red and his name is Rover

If you call him he is sure to come over

He barks and plays with all his might

But worry not, he won't bite!

Other Info Edit

Rover is one of the earlier dog Beanie Babies, although the only red one. This Beanie Generally goes for about $1 to $20 on sites like eBay, unless you find him for sale elsewhere. Rover also appeared in a series of Beanie Buddies, a McDonald's series of toys.

Bb rover

Rover next to his Beanie Buddy counterpart

Apperance Edit

The appearance of Rover is not one of the usual dog model, because although most of the Beanie Baby dogs do not stand, Rover is one of the few Beanie Babies that can stand. It has a large head, is red, and has large ears. The body is only slightly bigger than the head.