Chapter 1Edit

Now when the day Snip came, her big sister named Ashley has for some reason when she was born she hated kittens. Her catch phrase was " Stupid kottons!!!!". She absolutly hated Snip. She thought that the youngest kitten would be a boy. But instead, she got another enemy (her absolute worst) added on to her list. Ashley was born in New York City. Snip was born in England. But, she didn't have the accent. Ashley has 1 friend,her name is Amber. Snip has friends, and she's a quintuplet. She only fights agenst Ashley because she is afraid of her. Thier is another enemy that fights Snip. His name is Mouse, but we are not talking about Snip Vs. Mouse. Now, the day Ashely was born was January 21, 2002. The day Snip was born was October 22, 2009. But in the family, Snip is the youngest of all. Ashley was an older sister so the family, was weird (odd). Anyways Snip has to fight her because she has no choice. Whenever Ashley does something wrong Snip has to fight back.

Chapter 2Edit

A few years later, their grandparents( my parents) abandond (took) Ashley, and mostly all the other kittens(Except for the quintuplets) away, and now they'll never see their lives with us again, unless my dad finds them. Although,Snip gets a HUGE break away from Ashley and Mouse. The only thing she wants is here stuffeed toy bear, Mr.Cuddles ( Mow Cows). She's not girly, or a tom boy. She's exactly in the middle. Before Mouse was taken away, Snip had a cereer, which was working in a movie theater, while Mouse just got to play on the computer, and boss Snip around, or she was fired. Now the movies were all about Snip dying. They were all horrible. The names were: Snip the Creep, Alot of Sniprror, Mouse revenges to kills, and Frightened Snipghened. Snip hated making them all, infact all of them were unfamous, Rated badley, and had to lead up to mobs. Until now, Mouse is long gone but when he returns, he will get his revenge. Now Ashley is long gone but when she returns she will get revenge.

Another story?Edit

Now they were found on April 7th, 2010 and now Mouse went lost again with others. Its because 1 of us wrote on the closet and she was only 11 years old! She lost Mouse and others. She is suposed to get them back today April 9th, 2010.

Character PicsEdit


Snip Ashley Mouse

The end!