Chapter 1Edit

On Snip's worst day of her life, she was working in the dog movie theater. Since she was sick of working for Mouse, whenever he bossed her to role his movies only, this time, she hesatated to role his last movie, well, for Snip. The last movie was horrable to Mouse but good for Snip. The ratings opinion, 5 stars 100%. No mobs, No tourture. But when Mouse saw it... things went bad. It was time for firing...!!!! Mouse kicked Snip out. Then she got forced to work at a greedy meat restaraunt. It was horror! The hole creator of the restaraunt forced Snip to go and get some gold for robbing or spending all her money.

Chapter 2Edit

As well as it could be Mouse had an enjoyful day without Snip. Snip was still looking for gold to buy but thier was nothing. Then Snip got fired once again. Then, when she went to bed, Ashley snook up on her and then yelled "BOO!!!!". Then, when Snip was at daycare, they were learning about peaple getting jobs. Then their teacher, Mrs. Catnipson, anounced that their is a new student. It was Mouse. He tourtured Snip and boy, Mrs.Catnipson didn't give a chance to look.

Chapter 3Edit

Then, one day, when Snip was about to take a shower, Snip's big sister, Alicea jumped out the bathroom tub! Snip's eye's bursted. She was shocked. Then, the day after that, Snip decided to fight back. She tourtured Ashley, Clawed Mouse, and broke Alicea's phone. She was punished!

Charactar PicsEdit

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