General Info Edit

Birthday: 7/10/2001

Style Number: 4523

Introduced: 4/4/2002

Retired: 9/25/2002

Swing Tag Generation: 7,10

Tushtag Generation: 11

Toothy's Poem Edit

I brush my teeth each day and night

So they will stay both clean and white

With lots of teeth it takes a while

It's worth it for this dazzlin' smile!

Other Info Edit

Toothy is a dinosaur-like Beanie Baby, although is more complew than some of the earlier dinosaur-like Beanies.

Appearance Edit

Toothy is a model all his own, since no other Beanies look like him. He is a golden color, with long white teeth and claws. His underbelly is a darker gold, and its eyes are red.